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Future Technology Solutions and Security information assurance experts can help customers in the Department of Defense, intelligence community, federal, state and local government organizations to secure their enterprise operations while enabling information sharing.
We work with you to develop a security policies and procedures appropriate for your organization, taking business requirements, existing policies, risks, user behavior and budget into account. We assess your current systems and networks for vulnerabilities and policy compliance, and then recommend an information assurance plan based on industry standards and best practices. We assess your current physical security posture based on existing regulations. Our team can also perform certification and accreditation of systems and applications as needed.
  Our technology experts and business professionals analyze, research, design and implement solutions in the areas of :  
bullet Information Technology Solutions
bullet Information Assurance
bullet IT Project and Program Management
bullet Operations Support
bullet Detailed Services
bullet Information Technology Solutions
bullet Software Engineering and Application Development
bullet Network Engineering and Operations
bullet Help Desk and End-User Support
bullet Website Development and Maintenance
bullet Information Assurance
bullet Information Assurance and Security
bullet DOD Certification and Accreditation Processes
bullet IA Documentation (DITSCAP, DIACAP, NIACAP)
bullet DITSCAP to DIACAP Transition Planning
bullet Pre-Certification Auditing
bullet Physical Security Assessment
bullet Contingency Planning
bullet IA Training and Awareness
bullet Scanning Tools Knowledge (Retina, AppDetective, Production Gold Disk)
bullet DISA Policies, SRRs and STIGs
bullet IT Project and Program Management
bullet Program Management
bullet Project Management
bullet Needs Assessment
bullet Business Process Analysis
bullet Compliance and Reporting
bullet Feasibility Assessment
bullet Workflow Optimization
bullet Operations Support
bullet Administrative Support
bullet Office Management
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